Easements are legal interests in someone else’s real property that include such diverse rights as access, utilities, and conservation restrictions, to name a few.  There are multiple ways to create easements, not all of which are voluntary, and seemingly endless variations on the scope of easements.  The seminar will cover the particulars of easement law, including analysis of the nature and formation of easements, in-depth explanation of conservation easements, the implications of condemnation law, and factors in the drafting of easements.  Rick’s presentation will cover methods of creating easements, location and scope of easements, and preventing prescriptive easements.  Most real property is subject to easements in some form or another.  This seminar is meant for those of you who seek a better understanding about the effect of easements and the implications of easements in real estate transactions.  Lorman is offering a 20% discount to attendees who register through our website, by clicking on the following link: