The Boundary of Navigable Waters and Tidelands May Extend behind Lawfully Built Shore Defense Structures as if They Do Not Exist
January 2010

Renewable energy: Streamlining review under NEPA and the ESA
December 2010

The Constitutional Right To Know

FINALLY! Guidance from the Corps and EPA on the Reach of the Clean Water Act as Interpreted by the Supreme Court in Raponos V. United States
June 2007

The Supreme Court Draws a Line
March April 2001

5.4 Million Acres Proposed as Critical Habitat
November 2000

Federal Court Returns Reason to Wetland Regulation
October 1998

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Winter 1996

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July 1995

Babbit v Sweet Home
Spring 1995

Endangered Species
January 1993

Guide to Wetlands Regulation
Spring 1992

Defining Wetlands